Vital Media

dBoard® Overview

dBoard is an in-store digital signage solution that delivers high impact, persuasive content right at the point of purchase. This program is designed to increase revenue and is 100% co-op eligible!

How It Works

Michelin dBoard Program - four updates per year.

  • Each update is a five-minute production.
  • Each production includes ten scenes.
  • Five Michelin/BFGoodrich brand scenes.
  • One custom scene created just for you and four service scenes chosen from a survey.

Michelin promotions and new product rollout scenes are free and delivered to you over the course of the year.

There is no long-term contract commitment!

Low Monthly Service Investment - 100% Co-Op Eligible.

  • $85 for first location.

One-time hardware investment includes*

  • Delivery of commercial display and content player
  • Basic installation
  • Network cable run up to 150 feet
  • Full system testing
  • 3 year on-site warranty
  • Three sizes to choose from

Combine dBoard with our Message On-Hold advertising program and receive a 7% discount on your total service investment.

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